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London IT Support Solutions

Welcome to a pain-free world of IT support

Barton Technology is a leading provider of outsourced IT Support to Construction, Not for Profit, Retail, Finance, Legal and Insurance SME organisations based in London, Surrey and Kent. These organisations depend critically on IT Networks and Communications to deliver their computer support services and engage with their customers, suppliers and other partners.

For leading IT support in London our customers trust Barton Technology to keep them open for business – a responsibility that we take very seriously and lies at the heart of our service ethos.

If you are:

  • Concerned that your changing IT Support & Business Telephone needs aren’t being met? We offer flexible London IT support solutions that scale to meet your changing needs.
  • Anxious that you have become ’just a number’ experiencing an indifferent service? Here we are happy to let testimonials from our clients do the talking for us.
  • Fed up with people talking to you in jargon & feeling stupid? We focus on your IT business support needs and keep the jargon for ourselves.
  • Frustrated at receiving large bills despite having a support contract? Then talk to us and make this frustration a thing of the past.
  • Worried about which new phone systems to buy? Then talk to us about our comprehensive business telephone solution in London.
  • A start-up business looking to partner with a service provider you can trust? Call us and tick this requirement off your ‘To Do’ list.
"...we are therefore pleased to report that in service standards, level of IT knowledge across the whole IT spectrum, costings and professionalism, Barton Technology rate a 10 out of 10 from us on the Richter Scale. Throw in the fact that the directors and the staff at Barton are always charming and courteous and you have an IT support company that we are wholeheartedly able to endorse and recommend."
-Ashley Milton

London IT Support

Barton Technology is a leading provider of services for a whole range of different companies in the form of phone systems and IT support in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Nowadays, many businesses are technologically advanced and have a whole host of software and hardware, and it is vital that if any issues arise, that there are people ready and waiting to solve the issue immediately to prevent any downtime.

Today, from a small business to a large corporation, having the right computer support, phone systems and IT support is a necessary function. These savvy business computer support people understand that the level of support is very important in keeping the company or organisation running smoothly. Reliable support from an external IT support London based company can help with any disastrous IT situation that may arise. For example, if a computer virus infects the entire network; the support team will be on hand to remedy the problem. Additionally, the company might require someone to set up their computer network, which is where a London IT support company could step in to provide the necessary expertise. An IT support London company like Barton Technology can provide these services to businesses in a very timely and efficient manner that would not interfere with the client's operation.

It is important that businesses and organisations know that they have a professional team that they can rely on to handle any technical situation on the premises or by remote access, and the role of this service will only continue to grow as technology advances. So, if you happen to be a company looking for outsourced Telephone Systems or IT Support in London, Surrey or Kent, contact Barton Technology today for further information.

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Phone: +44 (0)20 3301 0003
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Why Choose Barton Technology?

  • We focus on your business needs before our own
  • We seek to understand first, recommend second
  • We take any ‘pain’ away promptly so you remain open for business
  • We are proactive and plan with you for the future
  • We are readily contactable & flexible in our approach
  • We guarantee our solutions