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Exciting News for May

Dear Client,

I hope you enjoyed lots of chocolate over the Easter break and managed to take advantage of the early sunshine. April also means a new financial year for the team at Barton Technology and we have lots of exciting plans benefiting our clients for the year ahead.

One of the main enhancements you will see is a new database application launching in May called BartonCRM. This all encompassing system has been developed in-house and includes an integrated help-desk, order processing and accounts system allowing us to streamline our work processes.

As with all new systems we are expecting a few “bugs” along the way and I ask for your patience if any are discovered.

Some of the benefits you will see in May:

  • Email delivery of invoices
  • All monthly services on a single invoice
  • Monthly service invoice will be produced at the beginning of the month rather than the end of the month
  • Many more – wait to see!

I will update you further on BartonCRM over the next few weeks but as always I welcome any comments you have including any suggested new features you would like or (dare I say it!) bugs you find.

P.S. Don’t forget we will be closed for the Royal Wedding on the 29th April and the team will be returning after the bank holiday on Tuesday 3rd May.

Have a fantastic bank holiday,

All the best,

Dominic Jones
Managing Director

Microsoft’s April Security Updates

This month Microsoft has released 17 security updates as follows.

  • 9 updates for Microsoft Windows
  • 1 update for Microsoft Office
  • 1 update for Microsoft Excel
  • 1 update for Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 1 update for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • 1 update for Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library
  • 1 update for ActiveX Controls
  • 1 update for .NET Framework
  • 1 update for GDI+

You can download the updates via Windows Update or click here to visit the bulletin page.

Microsoft helps defeat Rustock botnet

Microsoft, in cooperation with industry and academic partners, has taken down the Rustock botnet, a notorious source of spam, fraud, and cybercrime.

The Rustock botnet is a network of infected computers controlled by cybercriminals and used for a variety of illegal activities. The owners of the infected computers probably had no idea that their computer was being used to send spam.

What did the Rustock botnet do?

Most of the spam messages generated by the Rustock botnet promoted counterfeit or unapproved generic pharmaceuticals from unlicensed and unregulated online drug sellers. Rustock spam also used Microsoft’s trademark to promote these drugs. In another scheme, Rustock-generated email lured people into lottery scams in which spammers attempted to convince people that they had won a lottery. The victims were told that they needed to send the spammers money to collect the larger lottery winnings. To get more information on IT security and IT Support London please contact us on 0845 180 0000.


Office 2010 Service Pack 1 is Almost Here

Hot on the heals of yesterdays announcement that Microsoft will be releasing SP1 for its latest Mac version of office, the software giant has announced today that SP1 for its Windows version is not far away either! Microsoft blogs;

Summer is just around the corner, and as promised, we are on track for delivering Office 2010 SP1 and SharePoint 2010 SP1 in mid-summer 2011. During the coming weeks, you will see various teams updating their blogs with specific information about changes to appear in Service Pack 1. These posts should provide customers and administrators with great information about the upcoming release.

Microsoft to release Office for Mac 2011 SP1 next week

Winrumors reports that Microsoft has announced it plans to introduce its first Service Pack for Office for Mac 2011.

The software giant will release Service Pack 1 next week which will provide “increased stability, security, and some new features to the suite.” Microsoft says it will improve Outlook syncing support and include some performance enhancements. The update will also enable calendar syncing between Outlook for Mac and Apple’s Sync Services. The feature will allow users to Sync data between Outlook’s Calendar and devices such as the iPhone or iPad. “This has been one of our top feature requests – hopefully this is good news to many of you,” said Microsoft’s Pat Fox.

Microsoft also detailed a future limitation with Apple’s new MobileMe. MobileMe will no longer sync with MacOS Sync Services as of May 5th (or now if you have already moved your account to the new version of MobileMe calendar). Microsoft says that as a result of Apple’s change, Outlook 2011 SP1 calendars that sync with Sync Services on the Mac, will NOT be synced with MobileMe calendars.

Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2011 SP1 will also include support for Exchange based server-side rules, Outlook Redirect button (you can redirect the message to the intended recipient and the replies will go to the original sender); Outlook Resend button; Outlook edit of existing messages; and Solver integration support in Excel.

Microsoft recently revealed that Office for Mac 2011 has exceeded the company’s “internal sales milestones.” Office for Mac 2011 does not include all the components that are available in Office Professional Plus for Windows, but supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Microsoft launched Office for Mac 2011 in October. Office for Mac 2011 also sees the return of Outlook on the Mac, offering similar functionality and appearance, including a Mac inspired theme ribbon, as Outlook 2010 for Windows.

Office for Mac 2011 will also allow for multiple document editing, so users can edit the same document at the same time, without getting a lockout notice. Office for Mac will include document sharing with other Mac and Windows office users, through SharePoint, SkyDrive and web apps.

Windows Phone Support Tool released to fix NoDo update issues

Winrumors reports that Microsoft has issued a special support tool for Windows Phone owners experiencing update issues.

The company released its Windows Phone update patch in late February which generated a number of issues for Samsung Omnia 7 owners. Microsoft halted the small update for Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices shortly afterwards. The issues stemmed from a seemingly minor software update, to ironically improve the Windows Phone update system for future releases. The issues ranged from users not able to complete the update, leaving their phones in a frozen state, to users rebooting their devices after a failed update to find that their phones were unusable. Microsoft removed the update for Samsung phones and has now rectified some of the issues.

Users are still reporting issues updating their devices to the February patch or the March “NoDo” update. Microsoft has published a new support article that details the use of the Windows Phone Support Tool to resolve specific error codes when trying to update Windows Phones. The tool allows users to fix the following issues when updating:

800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do.
80180080: We couldn’t update your phone because your operating system might be corrupt.

The Support Tool will install an update that fixes the problem and restarts the device. WPCentral speculates that the update could mean users no longer need to hard reset their devices or clear HDD storage to make way for the NoDo update.

The software giant updated its Windows Phone update status page last week to confirm that a large number of carriers are in the “delivering” phase. However, a number of people are still unable to access NoDo despite their carrier enabling the update. If you’re still waiting on NoDo and your carrier is distributing it, we have a quick fix for you right here.