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Tips For When You Are Looking At Buying A Phone System For Your Business

It’s not big secret that when you run a business you often times need a more advanced phone system than what you’d use in your home. The good news is that there are telephone systems designed and developed especially for businesses that offer a variety of advanced functions. The main thing to remember when purchasing these systems is that you need to have a good understanding of your telecommunication needs so you know which features will be the most beneficial to you. Here are some tips on choosing the right telephone system for your business.

The Size of Your Business

The size of your business will most certainly play a huge role in what kind of telephone system you need. A small business that only employs several people may need a very basic telephone system while a large business with hundreds of employees may need a much more complex system. This may seem rather obvious but make sure you’re searching for the right service that is appropriate for your company’s size.

The Location of Your Business

Another important factor when choosing the right telephone system for your business is being able to integrate the system into your business as efficiently as possible. If your business is all located in one building this is much easier. However if your business has multiple regional offices you may find it a bit more complicated. Sticking with the same service for all of your offices can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Not only will the technology integrate and work together much better it will also eliminate any need to learn a new system if employees are transferred from one location to another.

Special Features

This is probably the most important factor in choosing a telephone system once you’ve decide what size you need. Do you need features like voice mail, auto attendants, dial by name directories and ring groups? On the other hand maybe you need features like voice over IP, multi-location integration and other more advanced options? In the end it is up to you to identify what your company needs and make your selection accordingly. If you’re having trouble figuring out which features are best for your business don’t hesitate to talk to a service representative.

Bonus Tip: Different Types of Systems

In addition to size, features and integration you should also consider the fundamental differences between phone systems in london. VoIP systems are ideal for internet integration and allow you to make calls over your Internet or broadband connection. PBX systems are great for big companies that need a lot of top-level administration functionality such as the ability to monitor and record calls, programmable keys and more. Small to mid-sized business may favour Key Systems which focus heavily on extensions and options relating to extensions. KSU-less phone systems are perfect for very small businesses and can be comparable to a PBX system on a smaller scale.

As you can tell phone systems today are much more versatile that they have been in the past and offer a variety of specialized features and benefits for your business. The downside of this is that it can also lead to them being more complicated and harder to understand, especially if you’re looking to make a purchasing decision. Always talk with a customer service representative from the phone company of your choice before making any hasty decisions on which telephone system is best for your business.


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By Terry Duran

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