A whole new tune for Google

It already dominates the world of internet searches, has produced a decent mobile OS and an own-branded phone to run it on, has its own web browser, email and chat platforms, office suite and it’s even working on a full-blown operating system to take on the might of Windows.

So is it really that much of a surprise that on online music store seems the next item on Google’s world domination to-do list? According to the Wall Street Journal, the unstoppable search giant has been talking behind closed doors to the big players in the music business over the past few months, and is preparing to roll out its own twist on the music store game.

The first phase will see Google launch a music download service, which will integrate closely with its existing search engine and potentially be accessible through other avenues too – much like the keyword-based AdWords advertising service.

But that’s just the start, and the bigger goal is phase two – a cloud-based subscription service set to launch under the umbrella of the Android Marketplace in 2011 that will be incorporated into both the Android and Chrome OSes.

Details at this stage are understandably a bit thin on the ground, and Google doesn’t always get its new ventures quite right (Buzz, anyone?). But with any music store likely to be closely linked to Google’s search operation, you feel it’s likely to prove another success for the over-achieving Mountain View operation.

And if Apple’s Steve Jobs took offence to Google barging its way into the mobile space to take on the iPhone, you wonder how he’ll take the news that next in the firing line is the much-hallowed iTunes?

Source: Gadget Show

Dominic Jones

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