What to Expect When You Start With an IT Support Company

Businesses today rely heavily on computer operating systems, and an inherent part of that technology is that something could go wrong. Many companies cannot afford to have in house departments that specialize in IT issues, so they turn to the valuable services provided by IT support companies. When a business is starting with an IT […]

What Does IT Support Offer Your Business?

IT support is an essential consideration for any organisation to make the most out of their computer services. A number of things should be had in any type of system, but the key thing is for a firm to ensure they are able to maximise the efficient use of their intellectual infrastructure. Companies, that offer […]

Getting A Personalised IT Support Company?

If you run or own a business, at some point, you’re going to need IT support in surrey, either to set up computers and networking, or to fix a problem that develops. Nearly all organisations are dependent on computers and networked systems to function properly, even if their business has nothing to do with computing. […]

Three quarters of businesses unprepared for system failure!

source: pcpro.co.uk Three quarters of European companies are unprepared for an IT failure, according to a survey. The survey by EMC said 74% of companies were not confident they could get up and running again after a computer failure, and more than half admitted to having lost data. The European Disaster Recovery Survey 2011 report […]

What Exactly Does an IT Support Company Do?

The vast amount of computer based systems and operations within a company or organisation can lead to large amounts of both voice and data systems being used on a daily basis for routine and regular operations. The integrated functionality of such systems and the wide reaching span of IT within a business, company, building or […]

PC & Server Prices Increasing Drastically

As we have many customers who are considering upgrading their PC’s and servers in the new year, the following article from The Guardian caught our eye: If you want an external hard drive, best buy it quickly. Prices of hard drives are being pushed up rapidly as manufacturers say that they will only be able […]

Is your small business firewall secure enough to protect you!?

This article from the Wall Street Journal validates what we’ve been noticing and socializing for years – that much of the small business community out there could really use an improvement on their networks defenses. Many small businesses think that a simple firewall and Anti-Virus on the desktop is good enough — but that doesn’t […]

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