Testimonial from Tudors Professional Services Ltd

Another welcome positive comment from one of our clients received today: “Off the top of my head I would describe Barton as courteous, helpful, prompt in their response and very patient with non-techy clients in analysing and solving problems. I would also add ‘good value’ to that list!” Tudors Professional Services Ltd

Testimonial from Royal Jewellers

Wartski, royal jewellers and designer of the recent Royal Wedding jewellery, have kindly sent us a personal thank you for assistance with their Managing Director’s computer system. Mr Munn’s note reads: Wartski produced the wedding ring for Catherine Middleton and the ring was fashioned from a piece of Welsh gold. It was given to Prince […]

How to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware

personal loan agreement templateaquasafecanada.com/facebook/access/ Apple has released a knowledge base article about avoiding or removing the recent Mac Defender malware which blighted Mac users recently. Apple states in the article: A recent phishing scam has targeted Mac users by redirecting them from legitimate websites to fake websites which tell them that their computer is infected […]

Testimonial from New Era Recycling

“Having used Barton in a previous job I knew they were a reliable and reputable company, and they didn’t fail to impress me again. Their staff are very friendly and always available to help when its needed. I would recommend Barton’s services all day long, they made my IT project run so smoothly and I […]

Companies remain worried about cloud security

source: pcpro.co.uk Security remains the main hurdle to businesses switching to cloud computing, according to an AMD survey. The latest study on business attitudes to cloud computing in Europe showed 59% of businesses are concerned about security in the cloud. The survey found 32% of companies were still concerned about the reliability of their internet […]

Does hacker insurance make your business a bigger liability?

It’s a scenario that every small online business fears: site security is compromised, hackers steal customer data including credit-card details, and your brand and your reputation are left in ruins. No wonder then, that many small online businesses are looking to insure against hackers and the resulting financial impact of a security breach. But is […]

Testimonial from Dyscover

early the lender usually The team were glad to receive a fantastic email from a relatively new client this morning; Michael Bensley of Dyscover kindly wrote: “Just a quick ‘thank you’ to you and your team for such a dramatic improvement to terminal server – thanks to your professional and user friendly configuration. Speaking for […]

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