Staggering Cost of UK Cyber Crime Revealed

Sky News reports that cyber crime is costing Britain at least £27bn a year, mostly though the theft of industrial secrets. The staggering figure represents a “silent erosion” of Britain’s economy and competitive advantage, the security minister, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones warned today. In publishing the results of an investigation by cyber security experts Detica, the […]

Security Firm Tracks Cybercrime Hotspots

Sky News reports that The world’s first cybercrime index is being launched by online security business Norton. The company says the aim is to give online users an instant snapshot of daily cybercrime around the world. Some 65% of people worldwide – and 59% in the UK – have been victims of cybercrime, it says. […]

Cyber crime a ‘major headache’ for small firms

Nearly a quarter of small to medium-sized firms are worried about the possibility of cyber crime, according to a new survey reported by Growing Business. Published by small business insurance specialist Hiscox, the research found that small firms are troubled by risks such as identity theft, data theft and critical damage to computer equipment. Cyber […]

13 Tips for Password Security

1. Avoid the obvious Don’t use your name, the word ‘password’, your username, your date of birth, your website name or similar. You may be rolling your eyes at this advice because it’s the most obvious in the world, but there are a surprising number of people still doing this. This is particularly important if […]

Firms urged to boost security

Growing Business has blogged that according to a new report, Britain’s small and medium businesses need to increase their security measures and destroy all private documents before leaving for the Christmas break. The research found that 67% of companies leave confidential information out on display when they leave for Christmas. Furthermore, the poll discovered that […]

Top Tips: Creating Strong Secure Passwords

Passwords protect access to your databases, files, email and other data. This is a security model that is both simple and powerful. Here are our top tips on creating strong, secure passwords: Secure passwords are typically more than eight characters in length, and include at least one numeric digit. Passwords are less secure when they […]

Don’t get Snowed Under this Christmas!

With much of the UK covered in the cold white stuff and much more forecast for the coming months now is a good time to dust off that disaster recovery plan should your operations be affected by the weather! Many of our clients have prepared for the worst by asking us to install services which […]

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Counterfeit Software

Microsoft blogged that as part of their third annual Consumer Action Day, Microsoft is releasing the results of a recent survey where they asked nearly 40,000 people in 20 countries how they feel about counterfeit software. The results show a growing tide of awareness about the problem, and a worldwide call from consumers for industry […]

Stolen data most costly theft for companies Companies are losing more via electronic theft of data than physical theft of assets, a report has shown. Previous editions of the Global Fraud Report from consultancy Kroll showed physical theft of cash, assets and inventory as the most widespread form of fraud by a considerable margin. This year’s findings showed electronic and information […]