Four steps to protect yourself online

Microsoft have released on their blog that the National Cyber Security Alliance recently hosted a discussion about the role of the individual in computer security. Representatives from Microsoft and other companies agreed that businesses are responsible for providing security tools in addition to education and they discussed the steps that individuals should take to secure […]

Can you spot the 6 signs of a scam?

Microsoft has posted that they recently received an email that provided a great example of the tools in a cyberscammer’s toolbelt. Here’s the email. Can you spot the signs of a scam? Dear Account Owner We are having congestion due to the anonymous registration of free Windows Live Account therefore we are shutting down some […]

A whole new tune for Google

It already dominates the world of internet searches, has produced a decent mobile OS and an own-branded phone to run it on, has its own web browser, email and chat platforms, office suite and it’s even working on a full-blown operating system to take on the might of Windows. So is it really that much […]

IT Issues Keeping SMEs Up At Night

Technology concerns present the biggest headache for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) according to a recent poll by Eclipse Internet, an ISP for SMEs and home users. Of the 232 firms questioned, two-thirds (66%) say IT is the one area of their business where they most often have to seek outside help. The web was […]

Protecting your website from Hackers…

Modern cars are incredibly difficult to break in to and steal, so much so that thieves often find it easier to break in to a house and steal the car keys to make off with it. Hackers targeting your website are faced with a similar problem when it comes to getting access to your website. […]

Barton Technology Turns 10 Years Old

The Barton team are all celebrating our 10th birthday this month. It only seems like yesterday when the business was incorporated, and a decade later we are still going strong and growing steadily. Keep a look out for updates to our services portfolio which are going live this year and special events, competitions and offers […]

Don’t Let the Snow Affect Your Business.

Listening to the weather report last Tuesday night, I’m sure that, like us, many businesses feared the worst. Wednesday morning came and Britain was covered in that lovely white stuff which brings the fun of snowballs and snowmen but also seems to bring the country to its knees. With two Barton Technology keyholders snowed in […]