Why You Should Make Yourself Redundant

Are you trapped in owning your own job? Do you want to do more of the things you love? Are you feeling frustrated with the day to day of your business? Tune in this week to find out how I have made myself redundant and learn how you can too.   WARNING: New found freedom […]

Building The Right Audience For Your Business

Do you have a great ‘LIST’ but struggling to build your actual audience? Then tune in to find out why you need to become a bit of a show off!!! With approximately 2.5 million emails sent every second find out how to engage your audience.   Let me know what you think in the comments, […]

Stop Look Listen: Time to Review

Dig out your January resolution/to do list/hopes, dreams, desires list and sit down with a big cuppa ready for a good old-fashioned review. In this week’s video Dominic shares with you a simple and easy way to approach the business 6 month review you need!   Find out how to move away from the arduous […]

Who Are You? – The Secrets of Branding

Back this week with another Business Insight for you, and this one is all about Branding. In the video you’ll discover the THREE key things you should be thinking about when it comes to the branding of your business.   To find out what they are and how they can benefit your business, watch this […]

A SIMPLE Strategy to BOOST your Revenues

This week’s Business Insight unravels the winning strategy you can implement in your business to instantly boost your revenues. It’s not complicated. In fact, it’s really simple… Click play below to find out how:   Let me know what you think in the comments, and as always – don’t forget to join the Entrepreneur DropZone, […]

A Business That Works For YOU

Does your business work for you, or do you work for your business? That’s the topic in this week’s Business Insight. Another bite-sized gem to give you that ‘eureka moment’ or kick up the bum you need to push on.   Watch it now to discover the key things you should be thinking about, helping […]

The Simple Things, Done Well.

Back with another Business Insight for you this week, from the exotic island of Crete. This week’s Episode is titled ‘The Simple Things, Done Well’ and it delivers another gem to help you achieve success, wealth and freedom in your business.   Inspired by the service I received at a Hotel, watch it now to […]

Complicated Keeps You Poor

This week’s Business Insight is titled ‘Complicated Keeps You Poor’, and it delivers another gem of experience to help your business grow. Now if you’ve ever found yourself in any ‘business growth’ circles, you would’ve heard phrases such as “think big” and “scale up”. But in today’s Episode – we’re actually talking about the opposite. […]

Build a Business, Not a Job

This week’s business insight asks the question “are you building a business, or building a job”. It’s a trap that a lot of start-up and small business owners fall into, as they find themselves working IN or FOR then business, rather than ON it.   So tune in this week to find out how you […]