This Week's Dom's Digest

A little later than usual as I've just got back from Portugal. Here is your current Dom’s Digest. A quick snapshot list of interesting stuff I’m enjoying or thinking about right now...

Gadget Keeping My
Air Clean

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor. I bought a Foobot after my first daughter was born to ensure that the air in our house was good quality (over protective dad strikes again 🙂 ).

But since then its been really helpful to coach the family to make small lifestyle choices at home to ensure we all breathe a little better.

It's app is intuitive and I really feel the difference in productivity in my home office when the air quality is best.

It also notifies you if the quality drops for any reason, meaning you can investigate any reason which may be concerning.

App That's Reducing My Wallet Bulk

Curve Card, app and cloud service. Curve is a really neat idea and allows me to only carry one credit card in my wallet. You link all your other cards to the one Curve card and then you can choose (via the app) which card you'd like your transaction to go on.

It has instant notifications when you spend, super low foreign exchange abroad, cashback rewards at selected retailers, plus "financial time travel".

The time travel feature is really clever - if you charge a transaction to a card, but then change your mind you can reverse the charge and move it to the new desired card within 14 days - all from within the app!

I used to have to carry all my personal cards and credit cards for each of my businesses in my wallet, but now I only need the Curve. Saves me so much space and thinking about which card to use.

Ordering your Curve card is FREE.

Even better; if you use the promo code KZUJS when you sign up you'll receive a £5 credit when you make your first transaction.

Book I'm Re-reading

24 Assets: Create a digital, scalable, valuable and fun business that will thrive in a fast changing world by Daniel Priestley. I'm a big fan of Daniel's books ever since we met at an investors event a few years ago.

In 24 Assets he talks about companies in every industry that take off. They effortlessly hire talented people, attract loyal customers, create cool products and make lots of money.

These companies seem to stand out and scale up quickly with support from investors, partners and the media. Sadly, as he says, most companies don’t perform this way. Most entrepreneurs aren’t building anything of value.

They work hard, make sacrifices, struggle, dream, plan and strive, but in the end, it doesn’t pay off.

This book sets out a method for building a business that becomes a valuable asset. It focuses you on transforming your organisation into something scalable, digital, fun and capable of making an impact. It’s time to, stand out, scale up and build a business that has a life of its own.

It's a really interesting read and covers most of the digital assets every business should consider in their toolbox. I have just finished reading it again for a refresher and it's still just as relevant.

As always, I love getting your feedback on Twitter and email. Did you have a favourite from the list? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me to try?

Don’t be shy, let me know. Just send a tweet to @dcb_jones with #DomsDigest at the end so I can find it or you can email me at [email protected] to get in touch.

Have a great week!

Dominic Jones

I'm a proud father, husband, huge James Bond fan, lover of fast cars and prolific buyer of technology gadgets. I started my first business when I was 21, learning the harsh way how to become successful. Through hard work, dedicating myself to learning and persistent focus I created one of the fastest growing computer services businesses in the UK.