This Week's Dom's Digest

It's been a busy week here in the office. Lot's going on and some positive news on the patent searches for my new product!

As I can release more info, you'll be the first to hear about it. Spoiler alert: I'm really excited about it!

In the meantime here is your current Dom’s Digest. A quick snapshot list of interesting stuff I’m enjoying or thinking about right now...

Book I'm Reading

​​Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business by Gino Wickman.

This book is really useful in understanding how you can get the best out of people on your team. It talks about two different but essential personality types you need in a successful business; Visionaries and Integrators.

Visionaries have groundbreaking ideas. Integrators make those ideas a reality. This explosive combination is the key to getting everything you want out of your business. It worked for Disney. It worked for McDonald’s. It worked for Ford. It can work for you.

I used the test included to find out which one I was and by how much, but the real eye opener was when I used it on my team to see which ones and by how much they were.

Very interesting results and not what I expected. It has massively changed how I set projects within our team and how we interact with great success.

Highly recommended.

Documentary That's
Got Me Thinking...

Explained on Netflix.

I love learning and this Netflix series has been really interesting. It take a subject and condenses it down to 15-20 minutes with easy to understand concepts.

If you’ve ever wondered about;

Why Diets Fail
Designer DNA
Or Can we live forever…

There is an episode for you. Enjoy!

Place I Love Visiting

The Island of Porto Santo.

I’ve been abroad a lot this year but one of my favourite times is a family holiday to the little known haven called Porto Santo.

Porto Santo is a small island in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira. It’s known for its warm waters, dive sites and the long, sandy Porto Santo Beach. In the capital, Vila Baleira, the Christopher Columbus House Museum has displays on maritime history in the Italian explorer's former home.

Near the summit of Ana Ferreira peak, the Pedreira viewpoint has sweeping views and a towering rock face of multihued columns.

Almost everyone I talk to has never heard of it, but it really is a little unspoilt jewel in the ocean.

As always, I love getting your feedback on Twitter and email. Did you have a favourite from the list? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me to try?

Don’t be shy, let me know. Just send a tweet to @dcb_jones with #DomsDigest at the end so I can find it or you can email me at [email protected] to get in touch.

Have a great week!

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