This Week's Dom's Digest

A little later than usual as I've just got back from Portugal. Here is your current Dom’s Digest. A quick snapshot list of interesting stuff I’m enjoying or thinking about right now...

Website Builder I’m Impressed By

Thrive Themes and Plugins. This set of themes and awesome plugins for WordPress websites make website designing (and more importantly updating) a breeze no matter what your tech ability.

They are created with business owners and marketers in mind and offer a complete toolkit to help you get the most engagement, leads and revenue from your websites.

 I've been so impressed that we now have converted all our websites to Thrive Themes so we can update them quickly and not have to involve the costs or delays associated with a web developer.

Travel Gadget That Saved Me

Universal USB Travel Power Adapter with USB A and C ports. This year I've been abroad nearly every 8 weeks, either on family holidays or work trips and this little gadget saved me every time.

With plugs for every country and a few USB ports as well, it allowed me to charge the mountain of tech I seem to take with me!

The little carry case is a nice feature and keeps the unit neatly in my case for when I need it most.

Treat I’m Tasting

Astronaut Ice Cream. As you may know I love space. I'm also a big fan of ice cream. So it was inevitable that I would come across the freeze dried treat that our astronaut chums eat.

And I have to say it's not bad at all. In fact I've found it brilliant for outdoor hikes as an energy treat to get the calories in.

Quick Tip: Try a few bites before you decide. Everyone I mention it to is unsure after the first one, but it grows on you - Plus you'll be just like Neil Armstrong! 🙂

As always, I love getting your feedback on Twitter and email. Did you have a favourite from the list? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me to try?

Don’t be shy, let me know. Just send a tweet to @dcb_jones with #DomsDigest at the end so I can find it or you can email me at [email protected] to get in touch.

Have a great week!

Dominic Jones

I'm a proud father, husband, huge James Bond fan, lover of fast cars and prolific buyer of technology gadgets. I started my first business when I was 21, learning the harsh way how to become successful. Through hard work, dedicating myself to learning and persistent focus I created one of the fastest growing computer services businesses in the UK.