This Week's Dom's Digest

So; it’s got a lot colder, my wife has started buying presents and I was asked to retrieve the decorations out of the garage… It can only mean one thing.

Yes, the Christmas season has officially started in the Jones household! 

And I love it!

With two daughters under four it’s a very magical time and I’m thankful we can all spend it together.

Plus I get to act like a big kid myself and spoil everyone rotten 🙂

I’m hoping you are also getting into the festive cheer. And in that vein here is your latest edition of Dom’s Digest - a quick snapshot list of interesting stuff I’m enjoying or thinking about right now. 

Hope you find it useful.

Security Gadget Keeping My Home & Baby Safe

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

I’m a big fan of Nest products. They look good and just work.

My house is almost entirely “smart” these days and the Nest system fits in really well.

It’s a high definition security webcam with pristine vision night and day: 1080p HD, wide viewing angle, clear zoom, advanced night vision. 

The viewing angle is 130 degrees diagonal which gives you a wide range and can cover almost the entire room.

As you’d expect you can receive motion and sound alerts on your phone, email, smartwatch (Apple and Android Wear). Plus see live what's happening at home or go back in time with free 3h events history.

One of the cleverest features is its ability to distinguish people from other movement so you can minimise any false alerts.

We currently use one of these as a baby monitor and the two way intercom allows us to listen in to check the baby is OK as well as watch when she stirs.

Tool That’s Helping Build My Organic Web Traffic 

Mangools SEO Tools

Mangools is my choice of tool for content marketing - one of the best ways to market for low cost (if you’d like to know more about content marketing, let me know).

With a suite of tools for keyword lookups, research, backlinks, site lookups and tracked keywords it is a powerful toolkit which has made us over 7 figures since we started using it.

It has a really nice design and is really intuitive to find the important info you need.

Documentary to Get you Fired Up

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix

I’m not into the hype laden US back slapping, life coaching that you often see on TV, but Tony Robbins is a bit different in my opinion.

This documentary follows him setting up and presenting one of his sold out 6 day events. I found it both fascinating and quite motivational.

I can certainly see why Tony Robbins' clients swear by his unorthodox coaching methods even though I’ve never attended any of his events. If you have, let me know what you thought of them as I’d be grateful to know.

Anyway, some of the stories are really raw and can be a little uncomfortable, but the realisations and changes that happen are worth watching. The young lady who grew up in a cult was especially hard to watch…

Recommended viewing even if you don’t normally like this sort of thing.

As always, I love getting your feedback on Twitter and email. Did you have a favourite from the list? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me to try?

Don’t be shy, let me know. Just send a tweet to @dcb_jones with #DomsDigest at the end so I can find it or you can email me at [email protected] to get in touch.

Have a great week!

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