Firms urged to boost security

Growing Business has blogged that according to a new report, Britain’s small and medium businesses need to increase their security measures and destroy all private documents before leaving for the Christmas break.

The research found that 67% of companies leave confidential information out on display when they leave for Christmas. Furthermore, the poll discovered that many companies admit to getting caught up in the festivities and forget to clear away confidential material before they shut the office for the holiday.

Jim Watson from data security expert, Shred Easy, which conducted the research, said: “Office revellers will undoubtedly be sidetracked by festive fun in the last week of work, but on a serious note, I advise all office employees to destroy all private papers before the holidays.

“Before closing the office, workers should shred all confidential office papers, lock away memory sticks and laptops. Thieves are opportunists and are often on the lookout for easy items to grab. Make sure that your business is insured properly to cover any crimes that cost your business.”

New figures from the National Fraud Authority have revealed that each year, identity fraud costs the UK more than £2.7bn and affects over 1.8 million people.

Businesses are advised to ensure all customers’ personal data destroyed or stored securely, especially if they contain bank details, names or addresses.

Dominic Jones

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