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You may or may not have heard about the ongoing problems with BT vs UCE Protect Spam House in Germany?

Essentially, the problem is that BT and UCE protect are locked into an ongoing feud over spam – UCE protect are blocking ALL MAIL FROM BT IP ADDRESSES from sending to anyone utilising the UCE protect system (many of which are not even aware that UCE protect are running the background processes of their spam checks).

UCE protect say that this is because they are not happy about the way that BT deal with spammers on their networks, as they allegedly don’t have adequate blocks to stop anyone that is spamming on their network. Hence the reason they have taken the step to block all IP addresses that are associated with BT accounts.

In contrast, BT say that they have no problems with spammers, and there protection is more than adequate! Hence the ongoing feud….


So, how does this affect me?

Well – it seems today that the whole affair has ‘come to a head’. So far today, we have had an influx of support calls from customers with BT services unable to send emails to high priority customers? So what do BT offer as a fix? As yet, they don’t!


So, what can we do about it?

Barton Technology have a fix for you! Our domain hosting packages AND our adsl packages BOTH include an outbound mail server through our datacentre hosted servers! Problem solved! – as long as the mail passes through Barton’s servers the BT/UCE protect business is bypassed and mail flow may continue!


If your experiencing these problems – give us a call as soon as possible and we will help to get your Business emails back up and running!

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