IT Issues Keeping SMEs Up At Night

Technology concerns present the biggest headache for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) according to a recent poll by Eclipse Internet, an ISP for SMEs and home users.

Of the 232 firms questioned, two-thirds (66%) say IT is the one area of their business where they most often have to seek outside help.

The web was the most popular source for advice with 79 per cent saying they often go online to look for a solution to a technical query

However, many small businesses feel the Government could do better with almost two-thirds (62%) saying the State doesn’t provide sufficient help and advice to the SME sector.

“Technology is an important enabler for SMEs but many business owners feel out of their depth when it comes to solving IT issues,” said Clodagh Murphy, director at Eclipse Internet. “However, with practical and tailored advice, IT can be used to the maximum benefit to help SMEs punch above their weight in today’s tough economic conditions.”

Key research findings

Top five areas where advice is most frequently sought by SMEs

1 – technology
2 – finance
3 – insurance
4 – web
5 – security

Top five sources for advice for SMEs

1 – the web
2 – Government bodies providing free advice
3 – dedicated small business sites
4 – family and friends
5 – business consultancies

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