IT support firm’s online backup service exposes flaws in conventional model

~ Barton Technology’s online backup with manual restore means SMEs can say ‘business as usual’ in times of crisis ~

Online Backup in Sutton, Surrey and South London

Secure data centres are a crucial part of online backup services.

Surrey based IT support provider Barton Technology has launched an online backup service which provides manual data recovery for SMEs. Unlike other IT companies, Barton’s manual data restoration usually takes less than two hours and the disk is delivered to the client the same day.  This allows the organisation that has lost data to remain open, with minimal fuss, while it’s restored. Barton Technology believes that the conventional online data backup model is fundamentally flawed due to the lengthy periods of time it takes to restore data.

All organisations using a computer need to backup their critical data to a secure place which is not located on the same site. Data backup is essential to help guard against IT problems such as accidental deletion or loss of data as well as fire and theft and is extremely useful as an aid to remote working.

The data backed up using Barton Technology’s service is housed in a UK based, purpose-built data centre, designed to keep SMEs’ records safe, secure and accessible at all times.

The data centre benefits from clean and constant power delivered by a fully redundant Riello UPS system. In the case of a mains failure, power is provided by diesel generators capable of running the facility for an indefinite period of time. In order to guarantee security of the information stored, access to the data centre is limited to security-cleared personnel and enforced by extensive CCTV monitoring and access control systems. As a result, the centre provides 99.9% uptime, meaning that the likelihood of data being unavailable when needed is very low.

“We believe in doing things better and faster,” explained Dominic Jones, managing director at Barton Technology. “We think that it’s unfair that SMEs are sold online backup services that require a considerable time to restore the data when it’s needed. It’s important for the person responsible to read the small print and make an educated decision. SMEs should have access to a reliable service, which ensures business doesn’t suffer and production doesn’t come to a grinding halt when misfortune hits.”

Barton Technology is running a free 30 day trial of its easy to use, secure and reliable backup service. Further information and software downloads for the free trial are available on the Barton Technology website. Prices for the regular service start at £9.99 for a 5GB account and back up of up to 75GB can be obtained for less than £100 per month.

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