Learn How to Protect Yourself From Counterfeit Software

Microsoft blogged that as part of their third annual Consumer Action Day, Microsoft is releasing the results of a recent survey where they asked nearly 40,000 people in 20 countries how they feel about counterfeit software.

The results show a growing tide of awareness about the problem, and a worldwide call from consumers for industry and government to do something about it.

An overwhelming majority — 80 percent — expressed a range of concerns about counterfeit, ranging from substandard quality to serious hazards, such as data loss and ID theft.

And the stakes are getting higher. At their forensic facilities around the world, Microsoft routinely examines the code on counterfeit software. Often, they find significant vulnerabilities, ranging from tampered code that can lead to annoying pop-ups, to changes that could have even more serious consequences by leaving the door open to identify theft.

The good news is, more people are becoming aware of the danger, and by taking a few simple steps, it’s possible to protect yourself and steer clear of these phony products:

And most importantly, get educated about counterfeits. Consumer Action Day is a connected series of events and announcements around the world designed to call attention to the growing problem posed by counterfeiters.

Barton Technology are a Microsoft partner and Authorised Educational Reseller and only supply software licenses obtained through industry distribution channels. If you are concerned over your software, please contact us for free confidential advice by clicking on our contact us page here.

Dominic Jones

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