Networking Services

Networking Services

Our Network Services Will Ensure Your Systems
Do Not Slow Down or Drop Out When You Need Them

You’ll want to make sure that your Networked IT systems are running at peak performance every day.

Minutes lost here and there can make the difference between winning and losing a customer and it can cost you a heap in time and money if you get it wrong.

We offer a range of networking services both wired and wireless networks that can help you.

Take a look at some of the services we offer below or call us on 0208 963 3061 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

Network Cabling

Professionally installed CAT 5E/6 cabling provides fast network access and resilience for your entire network from a couple of extra network points through to a full rewire our qualified cable engineers can give your network the security it needs. All work includes trucking, cable, network boxes, cabinets and patch panels so everything is taken care off.

Business Broadband

Our broadband services are specifically designed for businesses. All our connections have low contention ratios, service level agreements and high bandwidth. All of our products are backed by free technical support from our South London based help desk to safeguard your Internet connection.

Remote Working

In these busy times the ability to work as though you are in the office from home, abroad or whilst traveling is an essential tool. Whether it is purely receiving emails on your smart phone or needing full access to your internal database whilst in the field we can provide the secure and reliable solutions that you need.

Network Design

Your network is the backbone of your computer system. Without it operating efficiently your systems will seem slow and ineffective. Our skilled network architects can design the optimal network for your business and trouble shoot any existing problems on your current network.

Office Relocation

Moving office can be a stressful time for everyone, especially when it comes to your IT and telecoms. There is a lot to think about: the cabling, telephone lines, broadband, not to mention the physical move itself. Our team are experts at project managing office moves and will coordinate with all third parties, ensuring your move is delivered on time and stress free.

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