Technical Disclaimer

We feel that being transparent, honest and sincere when we engage in a project is the only fair thing to do. Managing your expectations early will allow you to make choices that best serve you and your organisation in the long run.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, anything related to a technology project or installation is inherently complex and its smooth operation is reliant on many things. Sometimes something you have completed many times over and should be simple, turns out to be the most complicated and troublesome task when it comes to technology.

It’s a fact of life that technology breaks down and isn’t always 100% compatible with other hardware, software or configurations. Sometimes there is an existing problem in the infrastructure which only becomes evident when the project has commenced.

You can consider any technology project like a surgical procedure. And just as a surgeon is obliged to make you aware of all the risks associated and ways you can best prepare for a surgical procedure, please take note of this information with regards to your upcoming project or installation.

We will always do everything we possibly can to minimise problems, disruption and downtime.

After all; it inconveniences us, causes unnecessary stress and damages our relationship – and we don’t enjoy that any more than you do!

And just like a surgical procedure, problems are rare but do occasionally happen. We perform hundreds of technology projects, installations and setup’s each year and the vast majority go exactly as expected, smoothly and without problems.

Therefore we highly recommend to minimise any problems, you:

  • Backup all your data before the project. You should take responsibility for having a good tested backup before any project commences.
  • Do not book the project for a time when any delay or problem may impact on the business. If you would prefer the project to be arranged for outside of business hours, please contact us to arrange a quotation.
  • Have an extra budget available in case of any time overruns.

If you have any questions on your upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact the support team on